Community Pedregal


One of the original villages that Corazón worked in, this large community was initially very sparsely inhabited. Over the years, as Tijuana grew and fewer housing opportunities were available in the city proper, many families opted for inhabiting the hills west of the city, and Pedregal was one of the primary destinations. During the mid 1990's the State and Federal government began to regularize land ownership, a task that continues to this day. 
The rather well developed community is home to more than 20,000 people. There are small and medium businesses. Many of the major streets have been paved, especially those running up and down the hills. Electricity, water, sewage, telephone, Internet, and garbage collection are available.

One of the major problems in this community comes in the rainy season. Being a hillside community, landslides are always a threat. In addition, many of the houses are unofficially connected to the overhead power lines, a rather unsafe practice that results in many house fires. 
As in all of Corazón‘s communities, unemployment is high, and many people struggle to make ends meet.


What are Pedregal’s people saying about their Community?

“Before Corazón, Pedregal’s people lived in extreme poverty. We are now fortunate to have our streets paved, and a majority of us, study up to High School” –Eduardo (17)

“The thing I love most about my community is our unity and support for one another. Within the last ten years I’ve seen my community prosper.” –Lorena (32)


If your community were an animal what would it be?

“A Lion, because of our strength” --Eduardo (17)