Community Nuevo Milenio

Nuevo Milenio

Nuevo Milenio is a young community, established right at the turn of the Century. It is located on a hillside on the west of Tijuana. This community is home to about 10,000 people. Nuevo Milenio is a sort of “planned community,” formed when the government displaced the scattered residence and laid out a new series of roads and residential lots. Due to this fresh start, most of the housing is made of lumber and a small number of mortar and clay. This community was founded during Corazón’s busiest building period and is known among residents and neighboring colonies as “Villa Corazón” because of the large number of Corazón houses here.

This colony has an elementary school and a junior high school. Electricity, water, sewage, garbage collection, telephone and Internet are available. As in many other colonies, many inhabitants connect themselves to power lines to reduce the cost of electricity. Unique to the region, the community has street signs thanks to a creative and ingenious group of Corazón volunteers from Cal Poly University in Pomona.


What are Nuevo Milenio’s people saying about their Community?

“There are more paved roads, although some are still made of dirt. Most of our youth only study part of middle school due to a lack of resources. The biggest change in my community since Corazón’s help has been the improvement in the quality of life. ” ---Juan (26)

“Before Corazón there were not many inhabitants, now there is growth in population and our community. The thing I admire most about my community is how we support one another.” –Ma. Olivia (47)


If your community were an animal what would it be?

“Ants, because they are united and really hard working” --Denis (15)