Community Cañón Carretas

Cañón Carretas

Cañón Carretas, a hillside community plagued by very unstable terrain, actually left the Corazón program in the mid 1990s due to some fundamental disputes over the program rules as the familia program was being implemented. Thanks to Kathy Faller's continuing efforts to get the community to understand the advantages of being a part of the organization, they resumed full participation in 2009.

Since their return, Kathy has been the guiding spirit and major sponsor of their growth as a community. Hers is truly a Corazón experience. In Kathy's own words:

"I love going to Mexico and the adventure of meeting new people in different communities. My involvement with Corazón has allowed me to do more of this and serve others at the same time. It started with a home build, and then grew so that I am now making weekly deliveries of donations to all seven Corazón communities. One of the things that I'm most proud of is the new community center in Cañon Carretas. It took a couple of years to work out the details, but now the newest Corazón community has a place for a lot of new programs. The two new ones this year are gardening/nutrition and domestic violence prevention. I'm looking forward to seeing what will unfold in the future."

Each Corazón Experience is unique. The richness and diversity of the program affords the opportunity to find that special place where your talents make you feel a viable and integral part of something larger than yourself-something that does make a difference.


What are Cañon Carreta’s people saying about their Community?

“The public light posts in our streets and drainage have been one of the biggest changes in our community. One of the biggest issues, however, is the lack of work for anyone over forty.“ –Maria (51)

“Most adults in the community are homemakers or factory workers. The majority of our youth are not in school. My community is intelligent and capable, but very limited by a lack of resources.” - Yesenia (17)


If your community were an animal what would it be?

“A tiger, because we fight with great effort to better ourselves” --Isidro (42)