Taurino Valle

Projects Coordinator

Taurino’s career with Corazón began as an Intern, after volunteering his time for college credit in mid- 2007. He graduated from Autonomous University of Baja California, with a B.A. in Communications. Before beginning his career with Corazón, Taurino would spend half his time repairing cars in his father’s body shop, and the other half as a musician, playing at the Hard Rock Café in Tijuana.

“ I am so fortunate to meet so many people that come from strong families and have all the enthusiasm to succeed despite adversity and deprivation. In a way, I am involved in every family. Their experiences have allowed me to grow with them and to make the dream of a decent home possible for many of them. Their smiles full of happiness and the gratitude in their eyes have moved me. ”

Fun Fact: Taurino played professional beach volleyball at age 16