Lupita Arreola

Office Administrator, Mexico

Lupita ArreolaWorked for seven years at Fluidmaster Mexico as Plant Manager assistant. Fluidmaster sponsored several Corazón house builds which Lupita participated in. After FluidMaster closed its doors, she then opened a Cyber Café for a little while.

Lupita’s staff position at Corazón started through a call from her ex-boss at Fluidmaster, who informed her of the opening.

“I love being here because, I like to help people, listen to them and try to find answers to their questions. I like how participants, mostly women, no matter their age, work hard, in construction, gardening, and all the different activities Corazón has for them. I have a lot to learn from them!”

Fun fact: Lupita learned to swim for the first time 4 years ago!

Fun Fact: Marlen moved to Tijuana 6 years ago to go to college. She had not planned on staying or on getting used to driving in the streets of Tijuana. However, she has now renewed her driver‘s license and does not plan on moving back to her hometown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico any time soon.