Marlen E. Castro

Community Coordinator

Marlen finished her degree in psychology and began volunteering at the General Hospital in the Onco-Haematology department. She gained experience helping a psychology department with treatments based on Ludic interventions. She was introduced to Corazón thanks to a co-worker at the hospital.

“Corazón continues to impact my life through my culture, my surroundings and the people I work with. I learn from my co-workers, the communities, the experiences I have during each event I am involved with, and from the stories that are shared with me by the people we are supporting.“

Fun Fact: Marlen moved to Tijuana 6 years ago to go to college. She had not planned on staying or on getting used to driving in the streets of Tijuana. However, she has now renewed her driver‘s license and does not plan on moving back to her hometown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico any time soon.