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While construction may be the most visible component of our program, education has always been our primary focus. Without an education crime increases and job opportunities decrease. Our full-time staff and volunteers watch everyday as students struggle to stay in school and parents seek work to provide for their children. Imagine trying to feed your family on a few dollars a day because you cannot find work. With the means for the children to stay in school longer and job training for the parents, it doesn't have to be this way. Please help and donate now.


  Commonly requested classes are:
   Construction, Hair styling, Sewing, English and much more.
  Violence Prevention workshops


We‘d be glad to help you make a donation in honor of a loved one. You will receive a standard envelope sized gift sheet describing the project and its impact that you can give to someone special.





Every donation puts families in safer, more secure homes,
keeps children in school and opens the door to better job opportunities.

Fundraising Tips for your Sponsorships

To fund your group’s volunteer project, or to raise funds for your favorite Corazon program you may wish to hold a fundraiser. Be creative with your ideas, or simply ask your family, friends, and contacts to donate to your cause. Contact the office and we can help by sharing past fundraising successes. Here are some ideas to get your campaign started.

Fundraising Ideas:



As a donor, you are given the opportunity to designate gifts to specific programs such as scholarships or family sponsorship. Gifts are credited to various educational accounts, such as “Scholarships”, “Adult Education“, or “Youth Enrichment“. Family Sponsorship funds are allocated to several programs to support the overall program activities in the family's community. We have different accounts for every type of Corazon program. When any program fund becomes depleted and there is still a need, monies from any other program fund can be used where needed most. Meeting the needs of our participating families always comes first, but we do our best to accommodate your wishes too. Every gift to Corazon represents a gift to our total mission of strengthening families, enabling service and promoting self-sufficiency. Again, gifts designated for a particular program or project are used as requested until that need is fully met. Any remaining money is put to use where it is needed most.