Volunteer Opportunities


In Mexico: (Yes, it‘s safe!)


Join Corazón by volunteering for a one-day house build or the more economical choose-a-project using donated building materials. Because space is limited for this special experience, we cannot accommodate all volunteers all the time. Sponsor a project if you want to make sure you and your friends and family can join this special experience.

Sign-up for a construction project

Building a house in a day is no easy task. It takes a lot of committed and talented volunteers to make it happen. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following:

Trip Coordinators: They make it all happen

Help coordinate the big day!

Red Shirts

To earn a Red Shirt you must complete 5 projects within a year, 3 of which are construction projects, approved by designated Corazón staff. Additional training and workshops are required. Projects may be completed in Mexico and the USA.

Lead Builders

Required to have working knowledge in construction and the desire to step up to the challenge of building a house in a day. We will teach you the rest and provide you with the Corazón house build procedures.

Blue Shirts

After earning your Red shirt, you must complete 5 more projects within a year to earn your Blue Shirt. 3 of these may be construction projects, approved by designated Corazón staff. Additional training is required. Upon earning your Blue Shirt you will be part of a team with the experience and knowledge so important to the success of Corazón construction projects.


 Swinging a hammer is not your thing? We have lots of room for you! Check out the possibilities below and contact us now for more information.


Involve yourself in the Adult Education program by volunteering your time to teach a class or workshop in a related area. You do not need to be an expert. You just need the desire to share your knowledge and experience. We will provide you with the training and material you need.


If you have a strong knowledge of the Spanish language and enjoy working with children, volunteer with one of our empowering programs for Corazón youth.

Soccer Tournaments

Volunteer to help!

Summer Camp

Corazon Summer Camp Graduation


Transporting in-kind donations require suitable vehicles (vans, SUVs, trailers, etc.) Enjoy traveling to Mexico to meet Corazon families and supply the headquarters.

In-Kind Donation Caravan

Volunteer to drive in-kind donations to Mexico



Celebrate the hard work and success of Corazon families by sponsoring and coordinating the Annual Christmas Party in Mexico.

Christmas Party

Corazon Christmas Party Manual


Interested in a longer trip to Mexico?



Volunteer in Santa Ana

We will enjoy seeing you on this side of the border, and schedules are a bit more flexible too! Below are areas where we would love to see you involved. Please contact us now for more information.


Help fill our Corazón food banks, community centers, and classrooms by donating:

  Non-perishable food
  Tools and materials for construction projects and classes
  Home repair tool kits
  Home goods and appliances
  School supplies
  Gardening tools


Join our In-Kind Crew at the Corazon office in Santa Ana on scheduled Saturdays, from 9 to 1, to help load and sort incoming in-kind donations.


This team creates the backbone of our marketing efforts by entering critical data. Volunteer hours coincide with Corazón office hours Tuesday through Friday.


Interns have the opportunity to contribute to any of the previously listed activities within the Santa Ana office. College credit is available.




Help Corazón raise much needed finances and develop new fundraising ideas.

Volunteer Coordination

Help coordinate and recruit volunteers and organize training and resources for volunteers.


Help develop marketing strategies and promotions.


Help maintain financial activities in accordance with Corazon’s 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Next Generation Committee

Help attract the next generation to become involved in Corazón.