Community Flores Magon

Flores Magon

Also located in the western hills of Tijuana, this community of approximately twenty thousand inhabitants enjoys a view to the Pacific Ocean and one of the last olive orchards within the urban city. Initially started in the middle 1970's, this community was slow to develop. Although there are houses made of brick and mortar, many families still live in homes made of cardboard or used wooden pallets draped with old blue tarps or canvas.

Public services, such as electricity or running water, are provided by the local government, but they are unreliable and of very poor quality, often going out for long periods of time. Only the main street is paved. There are two community parks.




What are Flores Magon’s people saying about their Community??

“Many families here work in factories. There is a lack of public streetlights, street names, paved roads, public parks and spaces for children to play in.” Corazón has been in our community for about four years now and I have seen a lot of improvements. There are now families with new homes, and thanks to Corazón, I have gone on field trips and received scholarships to stay in school. There are still many things that need change, there is a lot of pollution and vandalism” –Leslie (13)

“Our women are hard working. People find our community rather interesting when they see women working in construction jobs for Corazón projects.“ – Isabel (42)


If your community were an animal what would it be?

“A lion, because there is much aggression amongst our youth and adults.” -Isabel (42)