Community Valle de las Palmas

Valle de las Palmas

This rural community located on the southern end of the Tecate municipality is bustling with activity. Home to the production of the movie “Babel” and large agricultural ranches, this little town, founded in 1919, loves celebrating its anniversary with a big celebration every year.

Valle is very spread out into multiple neighborhoods with a diverse population from many parts of Mexico. The location is known for its beautiful surroundings and extreme temperatures. We have built in 120 degree temperatures, as well as ice and sleet. The current population is about 1,800. There are two elementary schools and one junior high school. There are no paved streets. Water is expensive and community members buy it from trucks. Other public services are not available through most of the town. There is no sewage or garbage collection and community members are used to burning their trash which leads to many health hazards.



What are Valle de las Palmas‘s people saying about their Community?

“It worries me that there are so few employment opportunities for people in the community yet the population keeps growing.“ – Yesenia (24).

The biggest change I have seen in the community is how Corazón has helped people establish themselves and support one another.“ – Elis (22)


If your community were an animal what would it be?

“A bee, we are very hard working.”—Francisco (47)