John Meagher

US Secretary

A civil engineer by training, John is a division manager of Traylor Bros. Inc., a national heavy construction and tunneling firm.

“Corazón gives me great satisfaction on several different levels. Altruistically, it makes me feel like I have done the “right” thing” which makes me feel good. Spiritually, I feel like we are actually living out the gospel as we are instructed to do. From a humanitarian standpoint it is satisfying because of how our donations, monetary or physical effort, cause real improvement in the life of others. Finally, Corazón can be a physical experience, where we toil long and hard to improve the lives of others through our sweat. Corazón, is a fully body experience.”

Fun fact: John, lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for two years, and is currently learning how to surf (at 55+ years old)!