Youth and Academics


Corazón offers a wide variety of different youth programs, all designed to build character and create educational opportunities within given communities. There are a variety of activities, both recreational and educational, that are offered to all eligible youth. These activities include soccer clinics, soccer tournaments, summer camp, tutoring, and classes such as computers and English. 

Although In Mexico, public education is "free," a child must have all necessary materials to be allowed to attend classes. These materials include books, supplies and even uniforms. Corazón gives scholarships to all eligible youth within our communities, who wouldn't otherwise have the means to attend school. In addition to these scholarships, these young scholars also receive tutoring at their local community centers by the older youth. Their only obligation to Corazón is to keep their grades up and help with the tutoring of other students.  To find out how you could help sponsor a child’s education or donate educational materials email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Karla Vanessa, from our Flores Magon Community, is 18 years old and has been a participant of Corazón for 2 years. Throughout this time, she has received scholarships that have allowed her to attend school. Karla gives back to her community by dedicating her time to tutoring the younger children. It has been through tutoring the young children in her community that she has discovered her love for education. Karla wishes to become an educator in the future.

“Corazón has given me great support and motivation to keep studying.”



Adriana Reyes Lopez is 16 years old; she contributes fifteen hours every month to her community by tutoring the younger and assisting in everyday tasks. Adriana hopes to continue her education at a university, studying linguistics.


“This organization has been a great academic help, with all the scholarships
I have received.”


The tutoring and scholarship program has helped many of our youth, such as Karla and Adriana, by not just enabling them to attend school, but also instilling the hope and promise that an education can bring, motivating them to pursue rewarding careers that would other wise not be available to them. You could help sponsor a child's education and make a difference in their lives, as they make a difference in their community. To find out how you could help sponsor a child’s education or donate educational materials contact our office headquarters atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Recreation and Summer Camp

Corazón’s three week summer camp includes activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and educational opportunities such as violence prevention or team building workshops.

It is a way for kids to remain engaged in the community during the summer rather than being home alone, roaming the streets or watching television for prolonged periods of time. Since its inception in 2002, the summer camp has provided our participant children with the opportunity to share an experience so common to us in the US, but otherwise out of their reach in Mexico—not to mention a great graduation day at a water park.


“I do 15 hours of tutoring and I also have participated in the Soccer tournament. During Summer camp, we do a lot of things, like swim and do arts and crafts!”


The summer Camp objective is to form a union and collaboration among families in a fun and interesting manner. It helps to motivate the Corazón youth and their families to strive for a better quality of life by providing various leisure activities, workshops, sports, crafts, gardening classes, and contests. It also promotes values within the families—respect, tolerance, equality, unity, self-esteem, and responsibility.


Is 17 years old and part of the Nuevo Milenio community, and has participated in a vast number of Corazón’s activity programs. Angelica hopes to become an air flight attendant in her future.


“I tutor the younger children and have also been a soccer instructor in last year’s summer camp; it’s a lot of fun and has learned how to care for children and how to change their behavior, in respects of how to keep them out of the streets.”


Summer camp is more than just something to do when schools out, its gives the kids something to look forward to while exercising important skills and building community.

To find out how you could donate materials and goodies for our next summer camp contact our office today at 714-547-0357